About Us

Here at RAVE REVIEWZ, we live by a simple mantra - music is everything, & parties are the place to embrace it. During the week, most of us are simply going through the motions - but on the weekends, we come alive… letting the beats take us to another world, free of stress and worry, surrounded by friends, dancing to the rhythm of our own happiness. That’s what we’re about, and that’s what we want to bring to you.

Our mission is to support good music, make it easier for people to find the right parties for them, and provide a space for them to share their experiences of those magical days and nights. We want the days when you didn’t know there was a warehouse party on to be a thing of the past and we want to know all the mad things that happened at that festival you went to.

You’ll find the Rave Reviewz team all over Sydney, supporting local talent, letting you know about local parties, interviewing DJs and reviewing gigs. If you see one of us, come say hello.

Contact us on admin@ravereviewz.net


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