PACO OSUNA on making people dance

PACO OSUNA on making people dance

In anticipation of PURE this weekend, we caught up with Spanish powerhouse and Mindshake label boss, Paco Osuna about his recent tracks, the epic Resistance Miami B2B2B and his fear of snakes and spiders...

RR: Great to chat Paco. It’s not long until you reach these shores for PURE. What can we expect from your set?

Paco: Well I always try to do my best, and I can assure you that I love seeing people dancing and going crazy. I'm not the kind of DJ to “experiment” with the dancefloor, especially when you have a short set... so you can expect a great party!

RR: Now you’ve known Carl Cox for a while - tell us about your relationship and how you got involved with PURE.

Paco: I've know Carl Cox since I was a resident at Amnesia in Ibiza, I've always had such respect for him. It's the same respect that he always shows to you, even when he turned into the legend he is today. He has always stayed humble... always a nice person, and an amazing artist.

We've never had the opportunity to go deeper in our relationship beyond the professional aspect, so I hope this tour gives us some time to spend together and get to know each other a little more. As for PURE, it has been such an honour to get involved with this project!

RR: Your last visit to Sydney was quite a few years ago - what memories do you have from that trip?

Paco: Yes true... well I’ve always been scared of spiders and snakes and since there are so many species of them in Australia, I was a bit influenced by that the first time I came hahaha! In my memory I still recall the long flight to Melbourne - 33 hours, and the good atmosphere of the show in Sydney. I was playing for a few hours with a super friendly crowd with a lot of enthusiasm... really good memories.

RR: Let’s talk about last month’s Resistance Miami, a highlight of which saw you get stuck into a b2b2b performance with Dubfire and Nicole Moudaber. Can you describe the experience for us?

Paco: It looks simple but it isn't. You have to concentrate a lot, since there are three of us playing together with our complete set up and mixes. You need to check continuously what the other is doing, but once you get into the mood it is so much fun... I'm playing drums or high-hats on top of their music, or doing effects when they play, or using one of my loops. It was very creative, and the people's reaction to the mix of our styles was so positive.

RR: You also had the annual showcase of your imprint - Mindshake. What have been the biggest challenges with running the label over the years?

Paco: The biggest challenge was to survive this year and keep our identity. Mindshake has been releasing records since 2006 and we have experienced so many different musical situations and producers coming and going. Across the years my team has had some changes but we are still doing what we like, with the support of the fans - that's the biggest challenge.

RR: Club4 - which you founded, celebrated its 12th birthday at the start of the year. Looking back, how do you feel it has contributed to the development of Barcelona’s techno scene?

Paco: I want to believe that it has contributed, that has always been my purpose. I did my best in those 12 years, but this is something that only the people and time can tell in the future. I‘ve put so much love into that project and some of the best experiences in my career as a DJ happened at Club4.

RR: We're loving your remix of Lucid Dreams, on Elrow music. Can you tell us how you approached remixing the track?

Paco: Elrow is like my family and Domi, who runs the label, asked me a few months ago if I could do a remix for the label. So I accepted, then this track came along with those fantastic vocals on it and honestly it was like a walk in the park. When I heard the voice I immediately had in mind what direction I was going in with the remix. I’m extremely happy with the result, especially since it's pretty different to what I normally do.

RR: And your track Slow to Funk for Yousef's Circus 15 compilation was a massive hit. Can you tell us the inspiration behind it?

Paco: That was very quick to do. I knew what Yousef's label wanted, his label has a very particular sound - groovy, party - so I’ve tried to include both elements on the track. I'm really surprised with the feedback about it because it had a very positive response, which makes me really glad.

RR: Having toured for many years, how do you ensure you are delivering at your best every time you play?

Paco: Because I love my job. As I said before I like to see people dancing and going crazy with the music, I love to impress them, to see their reaction when I'm mixing or doing a crazy effect using drum machines. It's a continuous challenge and I love that feeling of butterflies in the stomach and wondering if what I am doing will sound good or not. Watching the crowd's reaction is the best, it's similar to football when you score a goal, hahaha!

RR: And looking back through your career, can you pick a gig you've played that really stands out in your memory?

Paco: There have been so many good gigs that I can't pick just one. For sure there was the first time I played in front of a crowd, my first time playing in a big festival, the first time I did an all night long. I am thankful to have had a lot of good memories in my career.

But picking one, I always remember an after hours party with Marco Carola. We were in Ibiza playing in a small house, actually it was in a super small room, maximum 6-7 people. And while we were playing we were removing all the furniture from the room trying to make it bigger for the people coming in! It was unforgettable. The people were waiting to get into the room like when you wait in line at a supermarket haha… I don't even remember how many hours we played for! Maybe a day?

RR: Finally, what’s in the pipeline for you and for Mindshake this year?

Paco: Trying to keep on enjoying my passion, releasing music and doing label showcases that stay true to our philosophy!

RR: Awesome. Thanks for the chat Paco, we look forward to seeing you very soon.

Catch Paco Osuna at PURE on April 28th at Hordern Pavillion. Tickets available here