Alex Ludlow: CAUSE

Alex Ludlow: CAUSE

RR: Alex, thanks for joining us. CAUSE is definitely making waves on the Sydney house & tech scene. How did it all start?

Alex: Well I used to do events in Wollongong then when I moved to Sydney, I started collaborating with a like-minded bunch and we started CAUSE. We’ve been through a lot of changes over the years and now it’s just me and David James. We’re both on the same wavelength and always seem to make the same decisions, so it’s a really good duo we have going on. Having 2 people is key I think, it keeps you motivated.

RR: …and what’s the concept behind the name?

**Alex: **Haha that’s a good question! I didn’t really put much thought into it... it was actually created by a good friend of mine Kaiser Waldon, who helped get the brand off the ground. I guess we wanted to create a hub where we could invite friends, and friends of friends, to play and enjoy a good night of music. Not for the money, not to try to compete with other brands, but just to give a bunch of locals who wouldn’t often get the chance an opportunity to play.

RR: Cool. You’ve hosted parties with top international and local talent. Which has been your favourite CAUSE gig so far?

Alex: Ahh for me personally I’d have to say the one we recently did with Mantra Collective and Something Else. We hosted Diego Krause and Sakro, which was a big turning point for us as Sakro was also the first act we constructed an Australian tour for. All three brands came together really well and the party was incredible - we almost hit capacity across 3 floors of The Bunk3r and the music from everyone playing was on point.

RR: It was a sick night. The Bunk3r was recently named one of the 10 best new clubs in the world by Mixmag. What do you think is so special about that venue?

Alex: It’s more than special to us - it’s actually the venue where our brand was born. I saw so much potential in it, we began doing nights there before it was even called The Bunk3r. At that time we just weren’t getting the support we needed from the venue, then it changed hands - with Jonny Gleeson running the bookings alongside new venue manager Andres Saldias. They supported us to do more parties until one night we booked Dave Stuart to play a CAUSE event and introduced him to Johnny. Dave and Alex Dimitroff had just tied up a long residency at the Burdekin and I guess they couldn’t pass up on a new intimate venue – so they named it The Bunk3r and began working hard with Andres to engage with numerous brands, who collectively helped mould it in to what it is today.

RR: Your upcoming party with East End Dubs is going to be a marathon 15 hour gig! What do you think we can expect from him?

Alex: Well, I’m really excited for this one. I think we can expect incredible track selection and a good vibe in a full room. No doubt he’ll play a lot of his own productions and potentially some exclusive unreleased music that he’s been working on. I’m sure it will blow our minds considering he’s been nominated for Mix Mag’s breakthrough producer of the year.

RR: Yep, we’re expecting big things. CAUSE recently celebrated its 2nd birthday - who would you like to see perform at your 3rd Birthday bash?

Alex: We would love to use the date to host another tour, we have someone in mind but if I told you I’d have to kill you haha! I guess you could use your imagination by looking at the list of artists that we follow and love like Barac, Suciu, East End dubs, Archie Hamilton, Loquace, James Dexter, Sakro, Janeret

RR: Fair enough haha. Your DJ career is going strong - what has been the most memorable set you’ve played so far?

Alex: Subsonic 2016 for me hands down. It blew my mind last year!

RR: Definitely one of our favourite festivals. You’re playing again this year, what do you have planned for us?

Alex: I can’t wait to do it all again. I was just chatting with Scott Commens the other week at a Sub Club party about how Marco and him built it - I really do take my hat off to the pair of them. We’ll be playing at 10pm on Sunday at the Pizza Lab right before the Franchi brothers who are the founders of the stage. They traditionally close it out each year to a pumping crowd, so we really can’t wait!

**RR: **Nor can we mate. Ok, out of all the tunes you play which one never fails?

**Alex: **There is a track I just keep going back to cos it always seems to get people dancing - Orbitalife by Johnny D. It’s so simple and ticks all the right boxes for me - consistency, building, good energy, fun... and when it drops it makes you dance even if your mid conversation. There’s also another I’ve been playing more and more recently, Moi 05 - Untitled A.

RR: Sweet, we’ll check it out. Finally, what else is in the pipeline for CAUSE?

Alex: Well, we’ve got an event in Terrigal at Rhonda’s on December 17th, our Christmas Party at The Bunk3r on the 22nd and then Elrow Australia @ Horden Pavilion in January!

**RR: **Busy times! Looking forward to them mate, cheers.