Ben Nott: Blueprint

Ben Nott: Blueprint

Rave Reviewz' Kamran Ahmed caught up with the Blueprint boss for a chat about all things ravey, ahead of their boat cruise this Saturday...

RR: So Ben, Blueprint has built a reputation as one of the most consistent house & techno parties in Sydney. Tell us how it started.

Ben: Well I used to help put on raves in the UK, then was doing parties in the States. When I came to Sydney I didn’t really plan to do the same, but one day we decided to do a warehouse party in Marrickville. That was the first Blueprint gig 3 years ago and we’ve done about 100 events since! We now have a really good core of residents at our events which is cool – Aaiste, Lawrence Daffurn, Andy Ef.

RR: Nice. How would you describe the music policy at your events?

Ben: We like to keep it pretty uplifting and fun. Anything with a groove. Maybe funky tech? Is that a thing??

RR: Ha! Must be. Your events are in diverse locations – boats, warehouses, clubs. Which do you prefer?

Ben: Warehouse parties are what we love most. You have the freedom to get creative with the lighting and visuals, security is chilled and they’re BYO which the crowd likes. Unfortunately it’s really hard to find warehouses these days, so we tend do more clubs now. Boats have a different vibe altogether. The cops had shut down boat parties completely until a year ago but now they’re back on so we’re making the most of it.

RR: You play some serious sets yourself, how’s your own DJ career going?

Ben: It’s going really well at the moment. I’ve been going down to Melbourne once in a while too, playing at Revolver.

RR: Sweet. What was the most memorable set you’ve played in the past year?

Ben: Hmm… probably S.A.S.H terrace. They gave me a 3hr set on my birthday. It was intense!

RR: I bet! Haha. There has been much talk of the damage government policies are doing to Sydney’s nightlife. How do you think the Sydney house & tech scene has evolved in recent years?

Ben: Things had gotten really bad but they’ve picked up a lot in the past year. Now there are loads of people doing good parties which makes it competitive, but it’s good for the scene. People are taking bigger risks which means better parties.


RR: Now, Emanuel Satie is playing at your boat party this weekend. He’s dropped some sick tracks, Come As You Are is our favourite. What do you think we can expect from his set?

Ben: We think his style suits our parties really well, so it should be loads of fun and high energy. He’s playing at our afterparty at Civic Underground too.

RR: So what else does the Blueprint stable have in store for us in the future?

Ben: We’ve got our Harbourlife afterparty at Manning Bar on the 18th of November with Oxia playing, can’t wait to hear him drop Domino. We’ve also got our Halloween party and a collaboration with Sash in the pipeline.

RR: Looking forward to it. Lastly, and most importantly… Sven Vath or Carl Cox??

Ben: Has to be Sven!

RR: Cheers for the chat Ben.