DJ W!ld on the art of music

DJ W!ld on the art of music

Ahead of the monster Subsonic launch party, we caught up with multi-talented DJ W!ld about his music, painting, fashion and more...

RR: Guillaume, welcome back to Sydney. The last time you were here was two years ago, what memories do you have of that trip? ...And what can we expect from your set at the Subsonic launch party?

DJ W!ld: It was fantastic! I played great parties but unfortunately I didn’t get time to see much as I had to play in another city the following day. I’m lucky that this time I'm staying for a week so I will be able to explore. One thing is for sure... all the parties I’ve previously played in Sydney were the bomb! The Australian crowd always has a top vibe. I'm really happy to come back and can’t wait to play at the Subsonic Festival Launch… be ready for a nice journey in to my universe haha.

RR: Haha, sounds good! We gather that your first love was hip hop and your name DJ W!ld is a homage to the classic film from that genre - Wild Style. Did you ever get in to graffiti and b-boying? ...And who were your favourite rappers from those days?

DJ W!ld: Yes I’m into graffiti and still do it in my free time. My favourite rappers back then were Gang Starr, Black Moon, Das EFX, Bahamadia, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest…

RR: Cool. Now, you relocated to Paris in the 90s during the 'French Touch' explosion. Did you make a conscious decision to steer clear of the more commercial sound associated with that movement?

DJ W!ld: Yes of course, I always steered clear of this "movement" that didn’t actually represent what the real French Touch was about.


RR: You were a resident at DC10's Circoloco (pictured above - RR), which led to Sven Väth inviting you into the Cocoon family. Has he been an influential figure for you and your music?

DJ W!ld: Sven has been influential for many reasons... he’s a show-man, his longevity in the business, all that he brings to our movement. He’s Papa Sven haha! Musically, I had different influences.

RR: Your upcoming release on your Dailycid Music imprint - 006, features tracks from Liam Geddes, Stk Ensemble, Nima Gorji, Kevin Cook and yourself. How did you decide on this selection of producers? Would you say there's a theme that connects the tracks?

DJ W!ld: I wanted to have various artists with 4 tracks that are really different but also fit together. It's difficult to explain, it's only my point of view, no theme in particular. I'm always scouting new talent and mixing with friends and other artists I follow - just good underground music. 

RR: We like your upbeat offering 'Apres Minuit' on the release. Can you talk us through the concept behind it and the production process?

DJ W!ld: This track was made at the first edition of SXM FESTIVAL in St Martin in a hotel room during the after party, just before my set at Jamie Jones' Paradise Party. There I realised it worked really well on the dance floor.

RR: We know you've also composed soundtracks for fashion shows run by the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Christian Lacroix. Do you consider fashion an art form similar to music in its nature? Or do you think it's fair to say that it's more superficial?

DJ W!ld: Yes of course fashion has got lots of talented artists, same as in the music industry. Some will say it's more superficial but our world is really superficial for sure and fashion and music are a big part of it.

RR: The past month has seen you play in Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Malaysia! How do you cope with such a busy touring schedule and find time to relax?

DJ W!ld: I don’t find much time to totally relax but everything I‘m doing is by passion so I give a lot of energy to it, then to relax I make a lot of music, paint (below - RR) or design jewellery and stuff.


RR: So of all the sets you've played over the years, which one stands out in your memory the most?

DJ W!ld: It's really difficult to name only one for many different reasons. Maybe my first gig ever at Twilo in New York at 20 years old, or my first performance at DC10 Ibiza. Most of the time it's just several factors aligning together such as an amazing crowd, top club and good sound system.

RR: Finally - what's on your agenda for the rest of 2018?

DJ W!ld: I’ve recently joined a new agency, they understand me and we’re moving forward swiftly. I'm really looking forward to my upcoming shows in Ibiza, Sonar and ADE, plus tours in South America, the US and Asia. Lots of releases coming up too, including an EP for Black Wood Records in June.

RR: Sounds good, thanks for the chat.

DJ W!ld: Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday at the Subsonic Launch party!

Catch DJ W!ld at the Subsonic launch party this weekend, details and tickets here.