Emanuel Satie @ Blueprint Cruise

Emanuel Satie @ Blueprint Cruise

Before a blinding set on the Blueprint Cruise, we caught up with the event's headliner and all-round nice guy...

RR: Emanuel, welcome to Sydney. You’ve been here before right, how do you like it here?

Emanuel: Thanks man. I love Sydney, it has a chilled out surfer vibe but it’s also a busy city. I really like the mixture of busy and chilled.

RR: Cool. Are you digging the Blueprint boat cruise?

Emanuel: I love it man, everybody loves a boat party right? When I arrived I saw a bunch of pirates in the queue and I thought it’s gonna be messy!


RR: Sounds about right! You’re headlining today, how would you describe your style?

Emanuel: Well, I definitely have a funkiness and a groove in my sets. An upbeat, uplifting vibe. I would say my sets are in between house and tech - the catchiness of house and the energy and drive of techno.

RR: Great. We’re huge fans of the track 'Come As You Are'. It has a great old school flavour. Where did you get the inspiration for it?

Emanuel: I was in Panorama bar, upstairs at Berghain, and I was influenced by this timeless housey sound that was playing that night. I wanted to make a track that had my style combined with that timeless house style. Then I stumbled across a sample that inspired me and it just came together super quick. I just had that night at Panorama bar in my mind the whole time and wanted to recreate that feeling.

RR: Well it worked a treat. You’ve played all over the world, what’s your most memorable set?

Emanuel: It’s impossible to say! I really like playing in South America, especially in Argentina. People there go absolutely nuts, the parties are always packed. It’s a great vibe. But I was in Africa last month for a little tour, playing in Angola and Ethiopia and it was really cool too. The scene is not so developed, but there’s this emerging passionate vibe which is awesome. The places where you don’t expect house music to have a following, but it does. We’re everywhere… we’re taking over the world!

RR: Haha, that’s right! You’ve done tracks on top labels like Knee deep in Sound & Get Physical. Have you got any other tracks coming out soon?

Emanuel: Yeah, I have an EP coming out on Moon Harbour, Matthias Tanzmann’s label in November. Some of the tracks aren’t finished and I’m gonna road test them here so you’ll hear some of them. Then I have a tune coming out on Reverb, which is a cool label from Italy, which I’m excited about. It’s a bit different, more deep housey, more musical. Then I’m doing a Body Language mix for Get Physical. It’s quite eclectic, something you can listen to at home.

RR: Can’t wait. Now, I’m gonna say some Australian slang and I want you to tell me what you think it means, ok?

Emanuel: Go for it!

RR: OK... Get amongst it?

Emanuel: Erm.. does it mean, go fuck yourself??

RR: Haha! No, it’s like get involved… Bottle-o?

Emanuel: Haha. Ok, Bottle-o? Does it mean as tight as the opening of a bottle??

RR: Ha! Nope. A bottle shop, where you buy alcohol. Ok, what’s a bush doof?

Emanuel: Erm… sounds like a type of bird??

RR: Haha, nah it’s a party in the bush! Hopefully you’ll make it to one while you’re here!

Emanuel: Haha. That’s amazing, I hope so too!

Photo credit: Scott Bruce Photography 📷