Enrico Sangiuliano @ Max Watt’s

Enrico Sangiuliano @ Max Watt’s

After last month’s ‘Monolith’ gig with Victor Ruiz, we caught up with behemoth DJ/Producer Enrico Sangiuliano for a recap on the tour and his impressive career...

RR: Hey Enrico! It was good to see you in Australia again. How was the trip?

Enrico: It was the second Australian tour I have done, and both times I've played in Sydney. I love this city! I actually was really excited about this tour because I had a little time to myself, so I managed to escape the cities and see more nature and the beautiful countryside, which was amazing. Australia really has everything.

RR: You've released various monster tracks on Drumcode like Astral Projection and Ghettoblaster. Can you describe the label’s creative environment?

Enrico: I have a very close relationship to Drumcode, and that has naturally progressed throughout the years I have been working with the team. They have a really good energy and family vibe, which helps artists to be completely free to express their creativity, knowing that Adam understands what we are all trying to achieve. The relationships between all the other artists are really good, and I love it when we get to see each other in random places all over the world and play the same line up. A good environment helps to create good music.

RR: Your track Restlessness on Alleanza is a personal favourite of ours and captures the mood of its title brilliantly. Where did the inspiration for it come from?

Enrico: Really, it just came from the mood I was going through at that moment of my life. Not a specific story or inspirational moment. It was a complete translation from my brain to CPU. You can’t stay calm with that track on!

RR: Haha true! Your remix of Moby's 'Why does my heart feel so bad' still resonates in sets and nightclubs around the world. How did you approach putting your own spin on such a classic?

Enrico: It was a very big challenge. Adam asked me if I was up for a remix, and of course, I was so excited about it but at the same time, knew that this needed to be approached with care. You need to create something of your own, but also keep the key elements of the original which made the track and still need to make it instantly recognisable now. I tried my best to give it a peak time techno re-contextualisation….

RR: Are there any artists you admire and would like to collaborate with one day?

Enrico: I really do hope one day to be playing b2b with Adam. I would love to see how far we can raise the bar!

RR: We'd love to see that. You've been a prominent figure in the industry for some time now - how do you keep yourself motivated in touring and production?

Enrico: When you do something you love, it’s never hard to stay happy and motivated. I have to say that the love and support I have from my family, friends, and of course all the fans that come to see me play all over the world is probably the main driving force.

RR: And what do you like to do when you have down time?

Enrico: As I touched on before, I always try and get outside and experience nature wherever I am. I also like to meditate and cook.

RR: OK – if you had to pick a gig which really stands out in your memory, which one would you go with?

Enrico: Oh well, I would have to say the Street Rave Parade in Bologna, Italy - back in 2003. For 24 hours, there were about 150,000 people enjoying non-stop pure madness. I was only 17 at the time, and I played 9-11am on one of the main trucks. In front of me were about 10,000 people. I was nervous, but at the same time kind of feeling supercharged with energy. I didn't pre-select any of the tracks in my set, but a lot of what I played was my own material (which I did with a drum-machine and Playstation). I think my set went down really well - people went crazy, dancing all over the place. So that's a moment I will never forget.

RR: Definitely sounds unforgettable! Finally - what's up next for you?

Enrico: A lot! This year has got so busy already. After my tour we are back to Europe, where I have some mega festivals booked in for the spring and summer including Awakenings, Loveland, Boomtown, Junction2 – all of which are going to be very special. As for releases and my musical output, I am working on something very fresh and ambitious... but more news about that soon.

RR: Fantastic. Hope to see you in Sydney again soon!

Connect with Enrico on Soundcloud here