FABIO NEURAL on his Aussie debut and biggest challenges

FABIO NEURAL on his Aussie debut and biggest challenges

With the countdown to his Australian debut firmly under way, mixmaster Fabio Neural joined us for a chat about his friendship with Carl Cox, the challenges he's faced and his passion for music...

RR: Hi Fabio – we’re really looking forward to your performance at PURE in April. What can we expect from your set?

Fabio: Hi Rave Reviewz! I can't wait to perform at this amazing festival! Well, I will try to show all my skills during my set and take people on a trip, and share the energy that music makes me feel with them.

RR: Now Carl Cox, who is also performing has been a big supporter of your music. Has he been an influence in your career?

Fabio: Yes, of course - since the first time he asked me for some demos for his label Intec. I always work on making something that he would probably play, not focusing on one genre but keeping my mind free as he does in his sets. As you know Carl can play techno, house or even funky... it is so important to be open-minded, as music changes everyday.


RR: We gather this will be your first time in Australia – what have you got planned for your visit? Will you get any downtime to explore?

Fabio: Yes, it is. It will be my first time in Australia and I'm so excited about that. It has always been my dream to come there, I mean, it's the other side of the world! I love nature and animals and you have so many incredible things to see. I still don't know the tour plans but if I have enough time I want to see things for sure. Any suggestions by the way?

RR: Plenty - we'll send you a list haha! Now your monster hit, Kama is featured in the PURE promo video. What was the concept behind the track?

Fabio: For me, Kama was something that reminded me of when I was a young raver. The vocal I used is from a 90's anthem track, 'Age of Love' that was played by all DJs during that period. I remember I listened to Luciano and Pan-Pot playing it again and I thought "This track is the bomb and the vocal is amazing, but it needs a refresh" ...so I did it haha!

RR: Can you describe where you find inspiration when making music?

Fabio: Honestly, I don't know. I don't have a method, you know, making music takes creativity and it is impossible to force it. Sometimes I write a synth or I cut a vocal from a song and I start to build a groove from there, but what I do is simply let things happen.

RR: We’ve been listening to your weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio – how did the whole thing start?

Fabio: I remember the first time I played at Ibiza Global Radio in 2007 when I won a DJ competition in Ibiza and they invited me to perform live. It was great for me, the first time playing on the radio... and what a radio show! I was answering questions for the show's host - David Moreno. That was the beginning of our friendship and whenever I would go to Ibiza he would always ask me to be part of his programme. One day he sent me a text message and asked me if I would like to have my own show, and here we are now - in my fifth year!

RR: Nice! Now, tell us one track you like to play which always goes off.

Fabio: Well, for sure Dj Rolando - Jaguar & Technasia - Obsession (Hombre Lowdown French Kissed Edit).

RR: You’ve played all over the world - is there a set that really stands out in your memory?

Fabio: When I played at Space in Ibiza for Carl Cox's 'The Final Chapter' in 2016. For me it was a dream come true - the last season of his party in Ibiza, the last year of Space, playing in the main room, it was awesome.

RR: Sounds amazing. What have been the biggest challenges during your career?

Fabio: Honestly? Myself and life. I mean, in the world of music it is difficult to find people that help you because everyone is scared that you might take their place. I find that doesn't make sense because there are enough clubs and festivals for everyone, but people often want more and more. The passion and the love I feel for music is so big but it wasn't easy... I took so many doors in the face, until now. The reason I said myself and life, is because I've had to live with losing my mother to cancer, and then my father. I lost her 10 years ago when I was 17 and him last year, so you can imagine the impact it had on my life and music.

Many people believe that being a DJ is no work and all play, sometimes making music and enjoying parties. But that is not the reality, there is a lot of work behind it and you have to pour your life into your music. A lot of people are doing the same as you and so many demos are being sent to labels. It's important to stay active on all social networks, to contact promoters or find an agency, listen to music daily and buy tracks. And it is also very important to go to as many clubs and festivals as you can, to meet artists and label managers and build connections and friendships. So life itself and the fight to overcome my personal tragedies have been the biggest challenges, but I've been lucky to love my music and what I do. This is what's given me the power to not give up.

RR: Very sorry for your losses Fabio, and thanks for your honesty. Just one last question – what else is in store for you this year?

Fabio: 2018 will be an important year for me - I had an amazing solo trip to Sri Lanka, I have joined Analog Agency for Spain, Portugal and Italy. I just played at Egg in London a few weeks ago and released my remix for Carl Cox and Christopher Coe's new label, which is doing very well. I also closed my Eighth EP on Intec and first EP on OFF Recordings. I will be performing with Carl in Italy at Afrobar in Sicily and in another important club that I cannot reveal yet. I will also play at Creamfields UK and Medusa Festival in Spain. But the biggest one is Pure Festival... see you in Australia guys!

RR: We can't wait - see you soon.

Join Fabio on April 28th for PURE 2018. Tickets available here