GABBY @ S*A*S*H Xmas party

GABBY @ S*A*S*H Xmas party

With her forward-thinking attitude and versatility behind the 1s and 2s, GABBY is a true stalwart of Sydney’s underground community. We sat down with the S.A.S.H resident to discuss her music and creative achievements over the years...

RR: Gabby! Great to chat. You played a sick set at the S*A*S*H Xmas party, how was the experience for you?

Gabby: Super fun. I especially love playing through the sunrise in that glass terrace, this time was magical as always.

RR: You used to be a dancer... tell us how you transitioned from that to DJing.

Gabby: I became interested in DJing the first year I was studying at college. Dancers generally love dancing so I’d be out each weekend with my friends in clubs and that’s how I started understanding house music and how it was played. The obsession grew quickly from there...

RR: Cool. Now, we're super-excited about Days Like This next year. You're sharing the lineup with the best of them. Who are you most looking forward to seeing?

Gabby: Sonja Moonear & Motor City Drum Ensemble. Both legends.

RR: You collaborated on some chart topping hits (with Elroy & Piper and Craig Obey) a while back. Can we look forward to any more tracks from you?

Gabby: I love producing and play my tracks out all the time. I’ve spent the last two years building an arsenal to be released on the S.A.S.H label, currently under construction.

RR: We can’t wait to hear them. Ok, tell us one track you play which always goes off.

Gabby: Miro Pajic - 2001 used to be the future

RR: And of all the sets you've played over the years, which would you say has been the most memorable?

Gabby: That is a very tough question! I really LOVE playing the breakfast set at SASH long weekend parties because there’s always a really special energy in that room at that time. I also love playing all the Finely Tuned and Division Agency events as the production is always so big! It’s honestly too hard to narrow down one set, but a recent favourite of mine would have to be the B2B I recently played with Monika Ross at S.A.S.H. She is supremely talented and hilarious to work with - I see us playing a lot together in future.

RR: You founded the Fashion label Trois Couture... who would get your award for most stylish male and female DJ??

Gabby: This is a hilarious question! Considering the uniform for most DJs who play underground music is often black on black on more black, I can honestly say I don’t navigate towards the music scene for my fashion inspiration. In saying that, I really like the style of Sydney female DJ Bad Ezzy, and I like the boys from Soul Clap - I styled a shoot for them a couple of years ago and they were super playful with their style.

RR: You also run a performing arts school! How do you manage your time with all that on your plate?

Gabby: I know, it’s crazy. You can sleep when you’re dead. I started our school 10 years ago and I am really proud of where we are today. It’s been really great for me to be involved in something that really gives back. Education is so important, we have the ability to affect young people’s lives and inspire them to dream. It’s a nice change from the sometimes ego filled world of dance music, so I am lucky to have had this experience to keep me grounded throughout my music career.

RR: Finally... are you planning to make a New Year's resolution?

Gabby: YES! I never normally do, however this year I’ve been away from home a great deal for work, so I’m hoping to spend more time with my family next year.

RR: You’ve certainly earned it! Thanks for the chat.