German Brigante @ The Bridge Hotel

German Brigante @ The Bridge Hotel

German by name, Spanish by nationality and super-talented by all accounts - German Brigante takes to the stage at the Bridge Hotel tonight. Here’s our chat with the Manitox bossman and Dirtybird regular...

RR: German - thanks for joining us! We're hyped about your upcoming gig at the Bridge. What can we expect from your set?

German: Hi! I’m really looking forward to playing at the Bridge Hotel! The set will be full of groove and new tracks of mine.

RR: You were here last year in Sydney with the Return to Rio team. What are your thoughts on the music scene in Australia?

German: This is my third tour in Australia and every time I play I notice how educated the audience is in terms of electronic music. The times I’ve played in Sydney were incredible experiences, I generally love the crowd here in Australia.

RR: Now, we gather your father is a flamenco guitarist. Did that style of music play a part in influencing your own sound?

German: Yes, I think it did influence me when I first started creating my own music.

RR: Your Manitox brand has been putting out some great releases. How has the experience of managing your own label been?

German: It has been a great experience! I’m very motivated to keep growing the label and my next release will be one of my best tracks so far... stay tuned!

RR: One of our recent favourites is 'Something or Nothing' - which marks another collab with Thomas Gandey. Can you tell us a bit about how the two of you work together?

German: Working with Thomas is very special, he’s a very close friend and an A level musician. Every time we create something together it turns out great and different, which we like. Our intention in making 'Something or Nothing' was to give it a touch of electro-pop with sounds of the 80s and 90s, additionally we asked Nick Maurer to do the vocals and the result was amazing!

RR: Were're huge fans of the Dirtybird label, including your Chronicles EP. This year you dropped a new release with them - 'The Opposite'. Can you give us a bit of a run down on the creation of the two tracks?

German: I always try to pass tracks on to Dirtybird that focus on groove, electro and minimalist sounds. I produced the two tracks with my Drum Machine Tanzbar, my Sub 37 and a few samples.

RR: You've also played the Dirty Bird campout... what was it like hanging with Claude Von Stroke and the crew?

German: It was an awesome experience and we have a great professional relationship. I must say that it was the best gig I’ve had in the USA!

RR: Not long ago you were open about your personal experiences with plagiarism. What advice would you give to any young producers looking to share and protect their work?

German: My advice is to really value your own tracks! Don’t precipitate the edit, music is the treasure of the artist who created it.

RR: OK - so you've travelled the world and played many sets over the years. If we asked you to pick one which really stands out, which would it be?

German: 12th August - The Bow (Buenos Aires).

RR: Finally - what else can we look forward to this year from you?

German: Musically, there will be two remixes, one for DJ T and one for Mandy on Get Physical and also new tracks for Manitox. Tour-wise I will play in South America, Asia, the US and Europe.

RR: Great stuff. Catch you tonight!

Catch German Brigante at the Eclipse Music Events kick on tonight.