Guy Mantzur @ The Rio Revel

Guy Mantzur @ The Rio Revel

One of the most recognised names in dance music, Guy Mantzur joined us for a chat about his golden career and Saturday’s party with the Return to Rio family.

RR: Hey Guy! Everybody is excited to see you at the Rio Revel gig - can you give us an insight into what to expect from your 3 hour set?

Guy: Hey, I must be honest I am super excited to be coming back to Sydney. The last time I played there was one of the year’s most memorable sets. I’m planning to combine lots of new music from myself and from my label, as well as tracks I love at the moment. Playing for 3 hours really gives you the freedom to turn your set into a journey, so it’s a different experience for me and for the people too.

RR: Can’t wait man. This isn't the first time that you and Hernan have been to Australia together - how was the experience last time?

Guy: Touring with friends always makes the difference, especially with Hernan. We are very good friends and we love to play together so I find it very inspiring. I love Hernan as a person and DJ so it is the best I can ask for. Last year we did lots of B2B sets together in places such as Burning Man, LOT Los Angeles, Audio San Francisco and more... it always feels very natural and joyful for us both.

RR: We've really enjoyed your recordings, 'A Guy in Itaja' and 'A Guy in Buenos Aires'. Can we hope for 'A Guy in Sydney' mix one day?

Guy: Really happy you loved both mixes and it is something I have on my mind for sure. I am recording all of my sets and pick the right ones for the ‘A Guy in’ series. I am super picky on deciding what live mix I am releasing because it has to be one of those nights that has the magic you want to remember forever. Hopefully Sydney will be the one!

RR: You're from Tel-Aviv which continues to produce some of the finest dance music in the world. What was the music scene like growing up there?

Guy: Tel Aviv and Israel in general have a really amazing blend of musicians. It originally started from Trance and then developed into House, Techno and Progressive. The local producers are super interesting and over the years they have all been able to create a unique sound that today people call the sound of Tel Aviv. Growing up here among these people makes a big difference and gave me a lot of inspiration and knowledge as a producer and musician, and helped me develop my own sound.

RR: Can you describe what else inspires you when making music?

Guy: I can be inspired by almost everything... it can be a place I have travelled to, people I have met, a film I have seen or something I have read. Sometimes listening to other DJs play at a club can open the gates to a new world of inspiration. When I feel a lack of inspiration I go to a really special place near my old hometown. This place is in front of the huge blue sea and the air there is always fresh. I stare at this big blue ocean for a while and it always fills my soul and mind with new ideas. I have been doing it for years and it always works like magic, so I am grateful I have this special personal spot of mine.

RR: You're a co-founder of the label, Plattenbank records. How would you describe its creative environment and music policy?

Guy: I have had the label for many years now and I am building it in a slow, consistent way focusing on how I want it to sound and where I want it to be music wise. I get sent lots of demos but only have a few spots to release them, so I have some guidelines that help me decide who should I release. For example, it has to be tracks that I have played before and I know are working well in the clubs and it has to be different to things we have already released. The music industry is super big, there are lots of great producers but for me it is really important to be surrounded by good people as well a good producers, so the person behind the track is always something that is important to me. I also like to combine well known artists with new artists on the labels’ catalogue - I find this mixture is very important for the label, the artists and the industry in general.

RR: You've played all over the world - if we asked you to choose one gig which really stands out in your memory, which would it be?

Guy: There isn’t really one gig or place that I can say is number one. I have lots of beautiful memories from so many places.

RR: You must have a crazy hectic schedule, what do you like to do when you have downtime?

Guy: Since the schedule is really crazy everything must be planned in a very organized way, even my downtime. When I’m home I try to make the right balance between spending time with my family and friends, and work... especially after a long absence. As I’m not producing on the road it’s also my only time to produce music, so most of my time at home goes from being with people I love to having studio time.

RR: So what else can we expect from you in 2018?

Guy: In general I’m planning to release more original music this year and less remixes. I am already planning an EP on Lost & Found and an EP on my own label followed by a remix for Joris Voorn's label Green and many more. I am also starting to plan a new edition of ‘A Guy in’ and working on my label’s upcoming schedule. On the touring side I have Australian, South American and US tours coming up in the next few months... then I have more shows in Europe and I’m planning to spend most of the summer in Ibiza.

RR: Keeping busy! Finally - you've also worked on many soundtracks for films and TV. If you could have scored any movie ever made, which one would it be?

Guy: Making a soundtrack to a National Geographic movie is something that has always interested me. I think a combination of music along with the mysterious world of nature would be just perfect to me.

RR: That would be incredible, we’ll get on the phone to National Geographic! Haha. Thanks for the chat Guy.