IAN POOLEY on playing in the rain

IAN POOLEY on playing in the rain

Ian Pooley wowed the Sydney crowd earlier this year, and Rave Reviewz finally managed to pin down the DJ and production wizard for a chat...

RR: Hey Ian. You played at SLYFOX and S.A.S.H when you were last in Sydney - two very different settings. How did you find them?

Ian: I’ve played SASH a few times. SASH by day is a lot of fun - a really energetic and fun crowd. This time it started raining heavily in the middle of my set... it was crazy! We had to move the booth, set up umbrellas and wipe the CDJs all while I was playing. The crowd was phenomenal, they went crazy ha! I played SLYFOX for the first time and it was very nice - the venue is more intimate and you are really close to the crowd, which I like. The sound system is great too!

RR: Good stuff. Before that, you were in Sydney 2 years ago. How was the experience?

Ian: Very nice. I played Something Else at Burdekin first and also SASH by day and by night. Really cool.

RR: You run 2 successful labels, Pooledmusic and Montage - which focus on house and techno respectively. What are the challenges you face in managing the two?

Ian: I’d say finding new talent. People who haven’t released much previously and who relate to my own sound. Indira Paganotto is a perfect example of that, her tracks always sound like they could have been produced by me.

RR: You also have some serious kit in your studio - can you tell us about your most prized piece of equipment?

Ian: The Akai MPC 3000 is the heart of my studio, it controls all my synthesizers and drum machines and I use it in every track.


RR: You’ve released many tracks and remixes over the years - do you have a personal favourite?

Ian: Not really! Too many to mention and with a lot of them I have special memories.

RR: Your 1998 Meridian album is well-recognised as a classic. Did it feel like you had crafted something special at the time?

Ian: Haha not at all. I was just happy that I had finally finished that album... took me a year!

RR: You've had a career spanning almost 3 decades, but if we asked you to pick one set that stands out in your memory, which would it be?

Ian: People ask me that a lot and I have to say that I definitely cannot pick one favourite set. Far too many amazing experiences all over the world!

RR: Fair enough. Are there any new artists that you are digging at the moment and would recommend?

Ian: Trikk, Black Loops, Dan Beaumont, Mathias Schober & Wajeed.

RR: We really like your photography blog, Weekend views, in which you take pictures from the view of your hotel room. What gave you the idea?

Ian: Oh I need to update that! I started it in the 90s with a classic film camera, can’t remember how I got the idea. Then I forgot it for a while and now I’m back onto it.

RR: Finally - what else do you have in the pipeline this year?

Ian: A new album!

RR: Nice! We'll let you get back in the studio then. Thanks for the chat!