Javi Bora @ Space Ibiza in Sydney

Javi Bora @ Space Ibiza in Sydney

After adorning the NYD bill at the Greenwood Hotel’s Space Ibiza for the 5th time, Javi Bora tore his way through Australia and New Zealand this month. We spoke to the maestro about his trip and why he considers Australia his second home...

RR: Javi! You’ve just come off a non-stop NZ and Australian tour – how did it all go?

Javi: The tour was amazing - I really love playing in your part of the world. I had 5 gigs around these countries and all of them were the bomb! Rhythm and Vines in Gisborne, NZ was truly amazing, the location was absolutely stunning. Paul Strange presents Space Ibiza at The Greenwood Hotel was tops as always! I love that venue and the vibes from people there. Home Nightclub for the Space After Party was great too, what an awesome club and what a sound system in the main room! WeLove at The Burdekin was superb, I love to play with these guys! And my last show of the tour was at Pawn & Co in Melbourne. That club is the bomb, it’s always loads of fun there!

RR: We really enjoyed your 3-hour set with the WeLove crew and know that you’re releasing a track on their label, how did that come about?

Javi: I’ve played with WeLove for the last 3 years in a row and I have a really good relationship with the guys. They have a nice project and support me a lot, so I decided to do a collaboration releasing my track on their label to support them.

RR: This was your 5th year in a row playing the Greenwood’s Space Ibiza party on NYD - what keeps you coming back?

Javi: I think the promoters and people can answer that, haha!

RR: Would it be fair to say that you’ve adopted Australia as your second home? How do you like the music scene here?

Javi: To be honest, I do feel like Australia is my second home, I feel super good here. I’ve played here for the last 5 years and I’ve done about 7 tours. I love the vibe of the people and I think now is the moment for Australia and electronic music. Also, I have great friends here.

RR: And how different is the music scene here to your homeland of Spain?

Javi: Normally I don’t play a lot in Spain, most of my gigs are in Ibiza and around the world. So it’s difficult to tell you the difference because I focus on my own sound. But I can tell you that I always meet really good DJs and play at amazing parties in Australia.

RR: We noticed you enjoy spinning records with your friend, IAAM. How is playing vinyl different?

Javi: I have played vinyls for the last 17 years, I love the format! It’s a warmer and more beautiful sound but it’s also harder to mix the records. Many new DJ’s don’t know how to play with them.

RR: OK – big question, if we asked you to pick a memorable set from the gigs you’ve played, which would it be?

Javi: Space Ibiza’s last closing party in the main Parking Area. I have no words to describe it! You can watch it here on Be At TV.

RR: We’ve been loving your upcoming track ‘Fucking Hummer’ since hearing it on the ‘Not Ordinary’ sampler. Can you tell us about the track and how it came together?

Javi: Glad you like that track! I started to make it before my tour of May 2017 around Australia and New Zealand. I started to make the track just for fun, to have a tool for my sets. Sometimes I make tracks only for play and this was one of them. Now it is released on Hector Couto’s label and played by artists like Nic Fanciulli. So, I’m happy with the results!

RR: And what else can we expect from you in 2018?

Javi: Many exciting things are coming. Releases on labels like Do Not Sleep, Robsoul, Mr. Nice Guy Records, Roush, NONSTOP, Music For Freaks, Great Lakes Audio... and a remix of Tania Vulcano’s track and a few surprises. Also, some big news for Ibiza season 2018 and gigs around the world.

RR: And finally, what’s your New Year’s resolution??

Javi: Only good feelings and good vibes! To surround myself with good people and be healthy! Also, I’d just to say thanks to all people who came to dance to my shows around Australia and New Zealand. And a huge thanks to my lovely Australia/NZ agent Jessica Coulson and all promoters that made this possible. I absolutely love playing in Australia and New Zealand and I will come back soon.

RR: Everyone loves having you here! See you next time.