Kiko @ Chippo Hotel

Kiko @ Chippo Hotel

A key figure in France's dance music scene since the 90s, Kiko has an astounding back catalogue of music. We grabbed a quick chat with the Frenchman before he headlines sunday's Zoo Events party.

RR: Great to chat Kiko – we’re looking forward to your performance on Sunday. What kind of set can we expect from you?

Kiko: Hi! Well... I am going to play a lot of my own productions and try out some of my new tracks too.

RR: Sounds good! Now you've played in Australia a few times - how were those experiences?

Kiko: I’ve played in Australia about 5 or 6 times that. I played at Babylon Festival last year, with my old friend The Hacker. I love playing in Australia, people are very receptive to the music I play. My first time in Australia was in Sydney and Melbourne in 2002 or 2003.

RR: You ran a very popular record store in Grenoble. What was that period of your life like?

Kiko: I opened the record store in 1994, and thanks to that shop, I met The Hacker, Miss Kittin and Oxia, who are all from Grenoble. With Oxia, I set up our first record label Ozone in 1995. Later we created the Goodlife label in 1997 with The Hacker.

RR: You've dabbled in multiple genres including italo disco. What draws you to that style of music?

Kiko: Yes in Grenoble we love italo disco, because Grenoble is not very far from Italy. My favourite group as a reference is of course Depeche Mode. My tracks are full of their influences.

RR: We gather that you have produced over 500 tracks! How do you keep finding fresh ideas for music?

Kiko: Music is like a therapy for me, I work every day in my Bunker aka studio - I’ve been doing that for 24 years now! I need to create, it's vital for me.

RR: You have a track with Thomas Gandey due out next month. Can you tell us a bit about the collaboration?

Kiko: I met Thomas Gandey via Facebook... he had already produced tracks with my friend Oliver Giacomotto, who I've known for quite a few years. I love his voice! As I’ve worked with Oliver for quite a few years now, naturally I needed to work with Thomas Gandey too. We have a track which was released in February on Suara Records and another track that will be released on the 20th of April for Stil Vor Talent.

RR: You also have a side project called Minota which is signed under Miguel Campbell's label. How did that come together?

Kiko: I know Miguel Campbell very well, he's like family to me and I love his label Outcross Records.. I was also doing house music 20 years ago with Oxia, under the name Phunky Data

RR: Having worked in the music business for many years, what would you say has been the key to your longevity?

Kiko: To work hard and and to never give up! And of course, surround yourself with good people - including your booking agent, manager, and press agent.

RR: And across your extensive career, which gig has been the most memorable for you?

Kiko: In 2011 and 2012, I toured with Carl Cox for 2 years. It was such an epic experience.

RR: Finally - what else have you got coming up this year?

Kiko: This year I am going to focus a lot on production haha!

RR: Thanks for the chatting Kiko, we look forward to your set.

Kiko: Thanks for having me!

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