Loco & Jam @ Summit DJs Cruise

Loco & Jam @ Summit DJs Cruise

Some of you may remember a certain Vivid boat cruise last year featuring techno tag-team Loco & Jam, which pretty much set the bar for boat parties that followed. Well, the boys are back in Sydney for another round! We managed to track down Lloyd AKA Loco to find out what they have in store...

RR: Lloyd - we're looking forward to having you and James back in Sydney. Your Vivid cruise went off last year! What can we expect from your set this time?

Lloyd: You can expect more of the same... this time the party is a little earlier and it’s sunset so maybe we’ll keep the BPM down a little, but without holding our foot of the gas if you know what I mean. The last cruise was amazing... the people were up for it from the first second. To be on a boat playing techno to a bunch of beautiful people sailing under the bridge and up around the Harbour was simply awesome. Amazing vibe!

RR: 2017 was a big year for you guys, with a string of releases and gigs around the world. Can you detail some of the highlights?

Lloyd: There have been too many highlights last year, so it’s very hard to narrow them down. All our South American shows especially Argentina were breath taking. Far Away Festival in the summer in Lima was outstanding, Sulafest in India amazing, 3p Festival in Serbia... and not to mention the cruise with the Summit lads during Vivid Light!

RR: Your latest Acid Control EP has been doing big things, the title track received widespread praise - including from deadmau5. Was there a concept behind the release?

Lloyd: Yeah we were very happy about that release on Suara, it was getting smashed by everyone from Beyer to deadmau5! There was no concept behind it... to be honest we made that track in 2 hours haha. We had 2 hours left from a studio session one afternoon and we fired it out really quick… sometimes tracks just fall into place perfectly and this one did just that. At the time we didn’t think it would be as big.

RR: Northern Ireland continues to make a huge impact on the world’s house and techno stage, with acts like yourselves, Bicep, Ejeca and Space Dimension Controller. What do you think it is about the music scene at home that cultivates such talent?

Lloyd: Northern Ireland has always been very relevant in the electronic scene. For a few years that horrible epidemic called EDM killed the underground scene a little and there weren’t very many techno parties. However right now we are on a U-turn thanks to EDM I suppose - that scene is starting to die and all the kids seem to be moving to techno or tech-house. There are a lot more good techno parties taking place now including “MODE” where we are bi-monthly residents. It’s held in one of the most legendary clubs in Northern Ireland called Lush in Portrush.

RR: You've done remixes for some real heavy hitters... including Green Velvet and Quivver. Can you describe how you go about constructing a remix?

Lloyd: Usually I will open a new session in Reason and import all the remix stems into a 5 or 10 bar loop. From there I will start building a groove with kick, bass and percussion and start cutting up the remix parts, moving them around into the groove. When I’m happy with the groove I’ll start the arrangement process...

RR: If you could go B2B with any DJ (or DJs), who would it be?

Lloyd: Without a doubt it has to be Carl Cox. He is such a legend that has to be on the bucket list of every DJ.

RR: Yep. If we asked you to pick one set you've played which stands out in your memory which would it be?

Lloyd: That would be a recent 5 hour set in a warehouse for our friends at DSM in La Plata, Argentina. We love to play longer sets as we really get to go on a journey with our sound. To be able to cover all elements from hard industrial to deep to melodic - it’s easy to bang it out for 2 hours but its an art form to be able to hold the crowd for 5 or more.

RR: As a duo, is there a particular creative process you use when working together?

Lloyd: In the studio I’m the hands on guy and James is usually the ideas guy. We work well like that as some things I think are sounding good, James will usually argue a different idea and half the time he’s right so it’s a good balance. In the DJ booth we work really well together... we play with 4 decks and usually when one guys is mixing the 2 tracks the other is syncing up snare rolls, sirens, risers and other effects on the other 2 CDJs. We think very similarly in the DJ booth so its very unusual we make mistakes.

RR: With all that touring, what do you guys like to do when you have down time?

Lloyd: In our downtime we love to spend times with our families. I’m married with 2 kids and James is married with 5 kids so it’s hard being away from them when we are touring. Other than that I enjoy being in my studio and getting to the gym when I can to stay healthy.

RR: Finally – what does 2018 hold for Loco & Jam?

Lloyd: This is gonna be a big year for us! We are just back from a tour in South America, then we’re flying to Australia. We have a US tour coming up including a massive show at Miami Music Week and also some big festivals in the summer which we can’t announce yet. We’re also gonna be playing the Tronic Party in Ibiza and production wise we’ve got some massive releases on the way on Tronic and Terminal M as well as remixes for Uto Karem and The Southern. Everything is falling into place just nice for this year and we can’t wait to see what else it has to offer.

RR: Well deserved success mate, cheers.