Matthias Meyer @ Goodbar

Matthias Meyer @ Goodbar

It’s been a hell of a year for German DJ/producer Matthias Meyer - and we were lucky to have him showcase his infectious brand of house in Sydney recently. We caught the Watergate favourite relaxing in Bali after his hectic Australian tour to discuss his music and adventures Down Under…

RR: Hi Matthias. You've just completed a whirlwind 5 gig tour in Australia. How was it?

Matthias: I had a super great time - it was tough but well worth it. Friday night at Revolver was really nice and I had a lot of fun. I had almost no sleep and then did a 4 hour car drive to Strawberry Fields. That vibe was seriously insane during, and especially at the end of my set. Afterwards I went straight back to Melbourne Airport and caught my flight to Sydney just in time. I had a little nap and then went to Goodbar. When I arrived the dancefloor was already on fire, but I managed to keep the vibe. After that I finally had a little more sleep and then back to the airport to go to Brisbane. The Hysteria boat party was the highlight of the weekend. The boat was limited to 200 people and they were all on fire - all the way to the end of the trip, followed by an afterparty with almost the same vibe. Just amazing times!

RR: They really were a diverse set of gigs. Do you have a preference for a particular type of location?

Matthias: It's hard to compare because they were all cool in their own way. I have the feeling that my music works better in the daytime like Strawberry Fields Festival and a boat party, but Goodbar was also pretty amazing. It was more sweaty, intense and packed!


RR: Sure was! You've been to Australia a few times. What are your thoughts on the music scene here?

Matthias: I like the Australians, they are open minded and always up for a laugh. I think the festival scene like Strawberry Fields and Return to Rio is especially nice. People like to dress up and it's always lots of fun. I also like Melbourne and the scene over there. It's just a shame that Sydney has these lockout laws where they have to close super early. I think it's tough to build a proper scene with that law but still, every time I come here I have lots of fun!

RR: Did you manage to get any down time while you were here? What did you get up to?

Matthias: I unfortunately didn't have any time to do anything in between. I only had one extra day in Brisbane to relax. Afterwards I came to Bali for a serious 2 week break without playing. Next time I will definitely stay longer! I like Australia, especially in your summertime.

RR: We caught your brilliant 3 hour set at Goodbar. You played everything from Love over entropy to Mark Evemport and Guy J. How do you choose which tracks you'll play?

Matthias: A friend of mine said years ago, "whatever the style of the track is, it always sounds like you". I don't exactly know what it is but maybe I have a flair for a certain key of tracks. I really like to mix tracks more harmonically. I don't care about genres, I just like to play a journey!

RR: You’ve produced some great tracks… like the hypnotic remix of Butch’s Shahrzad and 'Hope' which was no.1 on Beatport's deep house charts. Of all your tracks and remixes, do you have a favourite?

Matthias: Thank you so much. Yes ‘Hope’ is definitely one of my favourites ever! I still like 'Tout Va Bien' because it was the first track which sounded like my DJ sets back in the day and it still fits today. ‘Infinity’ is timeless, that's why I like that one too. Also ‘November Rain’... I had the idea for years and was really happy how it turned out at the end. ‘LA Strings’ is also great - it has everything I like to play in my DJ sets… it’s powerful, hypnotic, housey and has strings!

RR: Can’t argue with any of those. You’ve played all over the world… we were particularly fond of your Boiler Room set, but is there a gig that really stands out in your memory?

Matthias: That’s a tough question because I’ve had loads of great, unforgettable gigs. I guess the most memorable gigs are the ones with a special scenery or location. Once I got booked for a wedding afterparty in Colombia. Not what you think haha! They were good friends and they had their pre-wedding at Burning Man. In the afternoon was the official big wedding with all the family members and afterwards it was just 50-100 of their closest (younger) friends with just me playing for almost 10-12 hours. That was amazing and I will never forget that. Half a year later we had a Watergate party in Croatia and the couple were celebrating their honeymoon in the area and came by... so I played the wedding and honeymoon for them. They were soooo happy and I’m also happy that I’m part of their wedding memories!

RR: Wow! That’s quite the wedding gift haha. Now, how do you manage being a DJ and producer with such a hectic schedule?

Matthias: That's a good question! It's really tough to manage it nowadays hahaha. I haven’t been to the studio for 2 months, but I will take some time off in January. In the future, I think it's better to take a full month off and work on some new music - it's tough to work on it when you only have 3-4 days in the week.

RR: Finally - what's next for you? Any releases or projects we can look forward to?

Matthias: There are one or two remixes coming out and I am working on a few new ideas. I had a pretty busy summer with my residency at Pacha and lots of festivals - unfortunately I didn't really have time for my studio. I am happy to have a full break in January just for music. I’m also possibly starting a new deeper project… will let you know details pretty soon!

RR: Sounds like we’ve got a lot to look forward to. Come back and visit us again soon!

Matthias Meyer & Ryan Davis' 'Hope' features on the new Watergate XV compilation. Out now:

Photo credit: Goodbar