Nathan & Mitch: Canvas Events

Nathan & Mitch: Canvas Events

With a reputation for hosting unique parties on Sydney’s underground circuit, we caught up with 2 of the founding fathers of Canvas Events, Nathan Shackcloth & Mitch Fowler, before their big boat party tomorrow...

RR: Hey guys - good to chat. We’re hyped for this Saturday’s big sunset cruise with Ben Rau, who previously played at your 2nd birthday bash. What do you think he'll bring to the party this time?

Nathan: Cheers man, we're looking forward to it. Ben is a great guy and we feel his personality is reflected on the dance floor. There will be plenty of energy, unreleased tracks and smiles on the dance floor. He's killing it at the moment - we're pumped to have him back over.

RR: Ok, tell us how Canvas Events started out...

Mitch: We're all from the UK and used to go to similar parties but didn't actually know each other until we started playing out here. We all got introduced at an after party one day (big love Sam McKenzie!) and all had ideas to start an event - so we sat down, put our ideas together and all shared similar visions. Next thing, the parties started!

RR: And where did the idea for the name come from?

Nathan: Mitch will claim that one! We all put in our suggestions but thought Canvas reflected a fresh start on the scene.

RR: How would you describe the music policy at a Canvas event?

Mitch: Inspired by a lot of music we grew up with really. Fusion of house, garage, techno, minimal... we want to make people dance.

RR: You’ve held some killer parties, including one of our faves - Clive Henry. Which has been your favourite Canvas party so far?

Nathan: I think mine would have to be the 2nd birthday with Ben and Dan Farserelli in the car park. Took a lot of effort but was well worth it.

Mitch: For me, it was our second ever party with our residents in a warehouse.


RR: That party looked insane! Who would you love to bring over for your 3rd birthday?

Nathan: We've got a few of our favorite artists in the pipeline at the moment so we can't reveal too much at this stage...

RR: Now... you tend to throw parties in secret locations, that aren’t revealed until the last minute – what would your ideal location be?

Nathan: I love an outdoor venue where you can go through all night. Wishful thinking in Sydney though!

Mitch: I reckon DC10 terrace.

RR: Last year, you ran a special event in Sydney and Melbourne with Jon Dasilva to celebrate the Hacienda music scene. What significance does that era hold for Canvas Events?

Nathan: Yeah we teamed up with some good friends of ours who run a Brit-pop night called Step On - I think that era shaped the future of dance music really, so I think it holds significance to everyone who enjoys electronic music in one way or another.

RR: What can we look forward to in 2018 from Canvas events?

Mitch: Hopefully another large one for the 3rd birthday, which we're working on at the minute. Maybe some more warehouse parties and possibly another hacienda special. And hopefully the return of Lee Novell from London!!

RR: And finally... what are your New Year’s resolutions??

Nathan: The same one I've had for the last 3 years which never seems to happen - spend more time in the studio producing.

Mitch: Probably spread our parties out a bit more and make each one more special!

RR: Nice. See you both on the boat!