Omar C: Momentum Agency

Omar C: Momentum Agency

Before tomorrow’s event with Eric Volta, we sat down with the founder of Momentum Agency, Omar C - the man bringing his European artistic touch to Sydney’s party scene.

RR: Omar, we’re really looking forward to the Eric Volta gig. What do you think we can expect from his set?

Omar: This guy is very surprising. He has the ability to mix a sort of psychedelic jungle music with a touch that only he has. I’ve always followed him and watched him grow with the tracks he’s produced in past years. It is going to be a solid set!

RR: Momentum has been going strong for a while now, tell us how it started.

Omar: It all started when me and my business partner decided to do private events in villas and houses - we put on artistic shows to show our creativity and different style. We began LUX more than 2 years ago in Bondi Junction where I had previously been collaborating with El Topo, then re-branded to Momentum. It all happened very quickly... I realised I was dedicating a lot of my time to it, which is why there’s been fast growth. Momentum will always be different - we are just as passionate about art, live art and acting shows and look to make a mark in Sydney.

RR: How would you describe the music policy at a Momentum event?

Omar: We are open to different styles, but as our theme is art and originality, we like to give a unique style of music too which is generally techno with a jungle vibe.

RR: And of all the parties you’ve done which has been your favourite?

Omar: For sure, the Decompression NYE party... the videos are just insane. As well as our first official Ibiza sydney villa after party - that was something unforgettable. I love this job!

RR: Now, we wanted to clear something up… at the Decompression NYE party at Milk Beach, a lot of people were unhappy that the beach was left in a state, but we also heard the police stopped you guys from cleaning up. What actually happened?

Omar: Yeah it was a hard moment for us. We stopped the music on two occasions to ask the people to pick up all the garbage on the floor which was what we wanted from the beginning -

staying clean and not compromising the environment. When the party stopped, a team of 25 people started to clean and pick up the bottles, but at around 11.20pm we got told to leave or that we were risking arrest. We never wanted to leave the place trashed or damage the environment... I am still extremely sorry for what happened, it was not meant to happen this way.

RR: Good to know. You’ve been DJing all around town, which has been the most memorable set you've played?

Omar: Every occasion is very important to me. I get goosebumps in every set that I play and I love the fact that I can connect with the people in front of me. It is very important to me to sync with the crowd.

RR: How have you found breaking into the music scene in Sydney? Any tips for people starting out?

Omar: Well first of all, do it for the love of the music. I fell into it without realising and once I was in I couldn’t stop. Put yourself out there and train yourself to the point that you are very comfortable and ready to face the moment. Network and let people know what you are doing. Every occasion must be given to every human - I help you and you help me.

RR: Ok, if you could have any DJ perform at a Momentum party who would it be?

Omar: Acid Pauli

RR: Tell us one track you like to play which always goes off…

Omar: Daniel Bortz - Steady Note

RR: Finally - what else do you have planned for Momentum in the future?

Omar: It’s a secret haha... but good, exciting events!

RR: Wicked! Thanks for the chat Omar.