Scan X @ Tell No Tales

Scan X @ Tell No Tales

In preparation for his performance on Saturday at _Tell No Tales, we had a chat with lauded French techno DJ and composer, Stéphane Dri AKA Scan X about his live performances, longevity in the game and production partnership with fellow pioneer, Laurent Garnier.

RR: Scan X! We’re excited for your set at Tell No Tales - what can we expect from it?

Scan X: Hi! Thank you, I’m really excited to be back in Australia! Well, you can expect a great show as I love doing live performances. Music-wise, you can expect new productions and maybe a few classics haha.

RR: Your friend Laurent Garnier is also playing at the festival. Can you tell us about your working relationship with him?

Scan X: Well, I’ve been working with him for nearly 25 years! I’ve released most of my records on his label F communications, plus I’ve been his sound engineer for 15 years and I’ve been on tour with him for nearly 250 gigs - live and DJ. So you can imagine this combination works very well!

RR: Sure does. Any plans to work together again?

Scan X: Nothing planned yet, but we often discuss the future and I’m pretty sure that we’ll be back soon with new projects together...

RR: Hope so! So how would you describe your sound?

Scan X: I would describe my sound to be powerful and energetic and something really mental! It takes you on a trip.

RR: At the end of last year you released your EP ‘Alien Symphony’, what was the concept behind that?

Scan X: The concept of the main track was to do something not necessarily focused on the dancefloor and to invite many remixers to bring it to the floor.

RR: Cool. You’re definitely one of the pioneers of the French techno scene, how do you think it has developed over the years?

Scan X: Well, it’s hard to describe the changes over nearly 25 years in a few words, but I would say of course that it’s more popular. To me, the most important thing is to keep intact the passion and to bring the best quality of music... everything else is secondary.

RR: And you’re not just big on the techno scene, you’ve also composed for various films - talk us through that process.

Scan X: When you create music, you try to bring emotion and images to the brain of the listener. When you compose for films, it’s another process where you already have the images and emotion, so you have to create some music with an opposite process. So I would say those 2 approaches are very complimentary... besides that, I really love movies!

RR: You must have a pretty hectic lifestyle filled with loads of travel, what’s one thing you can’t live without when you’re on tour?

Scan X: When I’m on tour and travelling, the one thing I could not live without is an internet connection. This way you’re never too far from family, friends and things you like.

RR: Ok, if we asked you to pick one memorable set you’ve played over the years which would it be?

Scan X: It’s really hard to pick just one! I would say every time I have the feeling that I am living in a special moment, that would never have happened anywhere else. It’s always unique.

RR: Fair enough ha ha. Finally, what have you got coming up that we can get excited about?

Scan X: I have some new productions coming out, but first I have to try them in my live show to see if there is a good reaction from the Australian audience haha.

RR: Sounds like we’re in for something special. See you at the show!