SEB ZITO on the World Cup & drug policy

SEB ZITO on the World Cup & drug policy

Moving into the final leg of his Australia tour, the FUSE London resident dropped by Rave Reviewz to discuss his label, road-testing new music and England's chances in the World Cup.

RR: Thanks for joining us Seb. Your Australia tour culminates with the Canvas party on Saturday. What do you have in store for us?

Seb: I tend to mix things up a bit, throw in some garage, 2-step and breakbeat along with the Fuse sound, few house classics and a little sprinkle of techno. Going by previous experiences in Sydney you guys sure know how to party, so I know the energy will be there from the start.

RR: The Canvas boys will be celebrating their 3rd Birthday at the event ... how did you celebrate your last birthday??

Seb: I don't know how but I manage to stretch my birthdays out for a week. I can't even remember exactly what I did! It was over Easter bank holiday, so it was definitely messy.

RR: You were here last year playing a B2B set with Enzo at the inaugural ‘Days Like This’. How was your experience of the Australian festival vibe?

Seb: I loved the festival and like I said, you guys really know how to party and put a lot of energy into raving. You're also open to varied sounds, which you could see from the lineup.

RR: We liked your mix for Rinse FM recently, which featured a preview of your upcoming track 'On it' set for release on Seth Troxler's label later this year. How did the collaboration come about? Can you tell us about the concept behind the track?

Seb: Enzo was the one who brought the vocalist into the studio around 3 years ago and he never really finished the track. I get easily distracted and while working on a project I started playing around with the vocals he had recorded. I actually created 2 separate tracks - one called 'Watching You' which is also on that mix and 'On It'. I think from this Enzo went and finished his version, or it could have been finished before but I can't really remember. Either way, Loco Dice was meant to sign it to Desolat but that fell through and basically after that, the tracks were forgotten about. I started playing the track out again recently and sent it out to other DJs as a promo before Seth picked up on it. I think he played it in pretty much every set, so it was a no brainer really that he signed it. To think that this was so close to being one of those forgotten projects just shows perseverance that pays off.

RR: We had a chat with Rossko earlier this month and he told us the FUSE residents road-test a lot of upcoming releases on the label when on tour. Which tracks are you dropping at the moment?

Seb: 'Slapdash' is one of my personal favourites which is coming out on Eats Everything's Edible. 'Garvage' is a big build up/drop kind of track that goes off every time I play it - this one will be out on Fuse probably next year. 'Cold Fingertips' is a 2step vocal track, which will be out on my Seven Dials label.

RR: FUSE has come a long way since establishing itself as an afterparty at 93 Feet East. What ingredients do you think have led to the brand's success?

I think it’s down to many factors - strength of the label and releases, quality of the music, quality of DJ sets, door management, crowd control, sound, venues... all of these are needed to be successful in my opinion.


RR: We've had some unfortunate events recently in Sydney with the police threatening to refuse entry to punters at an electronic music event based on sniffer dogs suspecting them of carrying drugs, without any actual proof. Having run events in London for many years, did you ever experience anything like that? What are your thoughts on the police taking that approach?

Seb: Only time I've seen sniffer dogs is either at a large festival or at the airport. No place for it outside a club, that’s just ridiculous. People will take drugs whether the authorities like it or not, better off making the environment safe and having help at hand if anything goes wrong, rather than using these scare tactics.

RR: Fully agreed mate. Your label Seven Dials Records, which we presume was named after your 2011 EP, is doing big things. How would you say its music policy and style differ to the FUSE brands?

Seb: Yes it’s kind of tied in to my first EP on Fuse but also my local youth club where I used to play records to my friends - that’s where everything started for me. It’s more leaning towards a UK sound, mainly garage, breakbeat, 2-step and dubstep, whereas Fuse is more towards Techno and House.

RR: Big question - if we asked you to select one set that stands out in your memories, what springs to mind?

Seb: Wow, so many sets but most recently it was the Fuse part 2 at the Hangar. Played for 3 hours and it just flowed perfectly. No thinking or pausing, just track after track of seamless flow.

RR: Sounds sick. Finally, with the World Cup happening... how do you think England will do? Reckon Australia have more chance of winning??

Seb: Going by how crap everyone else is doing i’d say England have a good chance. No Italy or Holland and Germany playing so bad I think we have a better chance than anyone... but as you know, England always blow it.

RR: Haha let's see. Cheers mate.

Catch Seb Zito at the Civic Underground on Saturday - details here

Photo by Daddy's Got Sweets