SHALL OCIN on finding inspiration

SHALL OCIN on finding inspiration

Shall Ocin, AKA Nicolas Abalos, has come a long way from his early days playing gigs in his hometown of Cordoba, Argentina. Since falling in love with DJing and techno in the late 90s, he has built up a strong catalogue of original productions and remixes leading to recognition from heavyweights in the game, including Maceo Plex. Rave Reviewz got a chance to speak with Nicolas ahead of his club tour down under and find out more about the man himself, his music and what we can expect...

RR: Nicolas, this will be your first trip down under - what image do you have of Australia in your mind? And what do you have you planned for the visit?

Shall Ocin: Australia seems like a paradise for me... its flora, fauna, the geography. It's my first time in the country, and I usually stay just one day in each city, but this time I have more than a week to enjoy Melbourne and Sydney, so I'm glad I'm able to spend the time learning about the country's culture and its roots.

RR: You released a number of tracks under your former alias, Paneoh, before transitioning to Shall Ocin. What’s the meaning behind the two names? And why the change?

Shall Ocin: The original idea was that Paneoh would be a bit more progressive and Shall Ocin a bit more funky, but over time it was just easier for me to release everything under Shall Ocin. Lately I've been making some really different stuff that I might release as Paneoh in the near future, who knows...

RR: A lot of your music has an industrial, almost sci-fi sound. Where do you think this influence comes from?

Shall Ocin: More than an artist or a genre, I think that my main influence is the concept of the fusion of different styles and vibes. Consequently, I think that mixing the elements of the future and the past is what brings about my ideas.


RR: We really liked your recent take on Pig & Dan’s The Earth. How did you approach remixing the track?

Shall Ocin: We met in a festival in Colombia back in January and we wanted to do something together. They had this track that was going to be their next EP and I felt it was the right choice to remix it.

RR: Last year saw you launch the label, Clash Lion with TERR and Daniel Watts. Can you describe the experience so far? What do you look for when selecting music to release on it?

Shall Ocin: Running a label requires a lot of work and you can't relax too much, but it has been an incredible experience. We don't have a specific genre we look to release, we're very open to different stuff. We're three people with very different backgrounds and styles, so we always have to find common ground to work on and I think that this is what makes the whole thing special.

RR: You have a close relationship with Maceo Plex having worked on tracks together like the remix of The Magic and played numerous B2Bs. Can you describe your creative dynamic and personal relationship for us?

Shall Ocin: We are long-time friends and we know each other very well, so things really flow when we work together on a remix or a B2B.

RR: Your wife is also a producer - is there a bit of healthy competition between you? Any plans for a collaboration soon??

Shall Ocin: Haha I'm lucky we don't have to compete, because she's very talented. I'm sure we'll work together on something in the future, but there are no concrete plans so far.

RR: Touring and producing can take its toll on a person over time and can impact your creativity. Where do you keep finding inspiration for new music?

Shall Ocin: Everything is an influence - the noise from the cities, a movie, the animals, everything can bring a new idea.

RR: Of the many sets you’ve played over the years, which one really stands out in your memory?

Shall Ocin: This is one of the most difficult questions that people ask... I have played in so many special places that I can't just pick up one, it would be unfair to dozens of other places.

RR: Fair enough. Finally, what else do you have coming up this year?

Shall Ocin: I am finishing a remix for Christian Smith, a new EP for Clash Lion and some other secret projects that I can't talk about now haha.

RR: Thanks for the chat, see you at the Civic!

Catch Shall Ocin at the Civic Underground tonight, details here.