Supernova @ WeLove

Supernova @ WeLove

Under the moniker of Supernova, Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi have been stalwarts on the European underground scene for over a decade. We had a chat with the Italian duo in preparation for tonight’s WeLove party with Simone Liberali...

RR: Emiliano, Giacomo – great to chat. We’re really looking forward to tonight, what can we expect from your set?

Supernova: Every time is different for us... we really believe that DJing is the opportunity to share special emotions with other people and the opportunity to experience something unique with the crowd. In the end, the crowd inspires us - we like to mix DJing with live elements to create a high level of energy on the dancefloor. We like to play eclectic sets with a lot of released and unreleased Supernova productions, ranging from solid underground house music to some groovy tech house and sometimes turn to a more emotional set - playing some deep melodic techno or some electronica gems.

RR: Sounds special! What are you hoping to check out while you’re here in Australia?

Supernova: Well unfortunately we will not have much time to check stuff out as we’re there for 3 days and playing 3 gigs, but we’re looking forward to some amazing parties. We’ve heard great things about Australia’s nightlife!

RR: Now, you have strong ties with Florence and Milan – what’s the underground music scene like in those cities?

Supernova: At the moment we are both based in Florence. Milan has been an important city for our career too - we had a recording studio and we played a lot there over the years, but we are both born in Florence and this is our core business city. Florence has a really good underground music scene. We have been residents at Tenax for 8 years as well as many other smaller cool clubs and we’re now producing our own events under the brand Lapsus & Friends.

RR: Now one of your best known tracks is Beat Me Back, which was a collaboration with the great Kevin Saunderson. Tell us how that came about.

Supernova: Well that was a long time ago now, but the most important thing to say is that it was a pleasure to work with such a legend and we also got the chance to do a track in collaboration with his ex-wife Ann Saunderson... and got his son Dantiez on Lapsus Music!

**RR: **Nice! What other DJs & Producers would you both love to work with?

Supernova: There are so many good artists out there, but we have been quite lucky to collaborate with or remix many house legends from Frankie Knuckles to DJ Pierre and Kerri Chandler. We are now working on a collaboration with Gene Farris for our next single soon on Lapsus Music and Doc Martin.

**RR: **You’ve played at many festivals and venues around the world – is there a set which really stands out in your memory?

Supernova: One of the best is Elrow for sure. We’ve played for them since the very beginning around 7 years ago in Barcelona and every time we play it’s outstanding. We also loved playing in South America recently and have just experienced the 5 Senses Festival in Koh Phangan and we have to say it was a great surprise!


RR: We’re really digging your new track, 'The Joy'. Can you tell us a little about the concept behind it?

Supernova: Glad you like the track! We were looking for different, energetic vocals and we got the idea to try gospel choirs on a straight house beat. We came across it on the web from this live session recorded in NYC... the original a cappella was without a tempo so we had to tweak it a lot to make it work on our beat, but in the end the result was satisfactory haha.

RR: Certainly was. It is almost a decade since you both started your label, Lapsus music. What have been the highlights for Lapsus over that period?

Supernova: We will celebrate the 10 years in 2019 - we opened the label in 2008, but our first release was in January 2009. Lapsus has been really important in our career and whenever we travel around the world we get so much great feedback and recognition for the label and the music we’ve released. A lot of people follow it, love it and play the releases - which is all a label owner could ask for. We like having a label so much that we’ve just opened 2 new ones - ‘Blackboard’ dedicated to the more deep tech and minimal sounds and ‘Downtown Underground’ for solid house tracks. The name comes from our successful parties in Florence and Milan and was also the title of our second album.

RR: Last question - how should artists approach getting their music released on a label like yours?

Supernova: We receive thousands of demos a week and of course it’s always difficult to have the time to check them all, but we try. It’s really important for any artist that aims to release on a specific label to keep sending demos and reminders, but at the same time if you don't get a reply, check other labels... if your music is good, someone will release it!

**RR: **Sound advice! Thanks for the chat.

Catch Supernova at _[WeLove #135]( tonight at the Burdekin._