Teenage Mutants @ Civic Underground

Teenage Mutants @ Civic Underground

A pair of ninjas behind the decks, Christian and Paco AKA _Teenage Mutants have been igniting dancefloors around the world. Here’s our chat with the Stil Vor Talent duo, as they prepare for Saturday’s Social Bewegung event._

RR: Teenage Mutants - welcome! We're really looking forward to your gig at the Civic Underground on Saturday. What can we expect from your set?

Teenage Mutants: Hey thanks for having us! Well, Australia is one of our favourite countries to visit so we will be more than happy to play a strong techno set with a lot of upcoming tracks!

RR: Can you tell us how Teenage Mutants first came together?

Teenage Mutants: We are both from Mainz in Germany. We have been doing music together for more than 12 years now. So after a long term friendship we decided to start this project... there have been a few ups and downs for sure haha.

RR: Now Christian ran Teenage Mutants as a solo project for a while. How was the creative direction different then? Has it changed again since you reformed as a duo?

Teenage Mutants: It changes weekly... sometimes daily. We don’t wanna stop at one point. But for the last two years we’ve been mainly focusing really hard on techno. We don’t know what it will be in some years, but we’ll never opt for a commercial sound.

RR: Congratulations on your fantastic remix of Alive! - Pompei. Tell us how that opportunity came about and how you tackled the track.

Teenage Mutants: He's our friend from Budapest - it’s his first release on another good friend’s label. It’s great to all join forces and support our friends!

RR: You've released on many great labels but have a particularly strong relationship with Stil Vor Talent. Can you describe working with the label and their creative environment?

Teenage Mutants: Working with them is really easy. For 5 years, they’ve been our partners, friends and family. So if we have something new we send it to Oliver Koletzki and await his feedback. The label helps us to get inspired but our gigs inspire us the most.

RR: We noticed that you've announced another release with them, due in July. Can you tell us about it?

Teenage Mutants: I t will be a techno-ish EP with a Metodi Hiristov remix. Two tracks for the dance floor!

RR: If we asked you to pick one memorable gig that really stands out in your memory, what would it be?

Teenage Mutants: Our boiler room set in 2017 at Watergate… oh my god !!!

RR: Now... last year, along with other artists, you were caught up in some horrible business related to an Australian festival. Was that ever resolved?

Teenage Mutants: Never. I mean losing money is shit… losing a nice trip to your country is even worse… we are still fucked up… please don’t remind us haha !

RR: Oh whoops... sorry! So what does the rest of the year hold for Teenage Mutants?

Teenage Mutants: We’ve been working on a lot of music. From May we start with releases on Terminal M, Octopus, Set About and Stil Vor Talent. There’s also our South America tour and a lot of shows in Europe.

RR: We look forward to the tracks. Final question - if we asked you to describe each other in 3 words, what would you say??

Christian: Funny, friendly and reliable!

Paco: Sly, honest and merciful!

RR: Teenage Mutants - thank you for the chat!