Tristan Case @ Electric Gardens

Tristan Case @ Electric Gardens

He’s one of the busiest DJs on Sydney’s underground circuit, but we managed to sneak _Tristan Case away from the decks for a quick chat about his recent and upcoming sets, including this weekend’s huge performance at Electric Gardens Festival..._

RR: Hey Tristan! You dropped a hell of a set at Lost Paradise over new year. How was the festival for you?

Tristan: Amazing, it was a real privilege to play for such a big crowd - I think I had 5000 to 6000, which was breathtaking. I’ve been a part of Finely Tuned for about 6 years, from back in the AGWA boat party days and when they hosted Circoloco. It was my fourth Lost Paradise and it’s been fantastic seeing their project grow each year. It gets better each time!

RR: So tell us how you made the journey into DJing...

Tristan: It’s been a long journey! I’m originally from a drumming background and I played in bands from about 1996, but I’ve always had a passion for house music. The likes of SASHA, John Digweed and Coxy inspired me to get on the decks from a young age but it’s only been in the last 6 years that it all got serious. Music is a real passion of mine and secretly, although drumming is a major part of my life, I do love being at the front rather than tucked away at the back haha.

RR: In your own words, how would you describe a Tristan Case set?

Tristan: Percussive, bassy, energetic but mainly all about fun and enjoying the music. I love to engage with the crowd and nothing beats seeing a sea of smiling faces when I play.

RR: You’re a resident DJ for T1000 events, the organisers of Electric Gardens. Can you tell us how you got involved with them?

Tristian: I met Damian Gelle when he first arrived back in Australia and I loved his enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and vision. I knew of Damo from when he ran SW4 in London and it’s been a real honour working with him and the team from day one over here.

RR: You're playing Electric Gardens this weekend - you're in great company on that lineup mate! Can you tell us the one act you're looking forward to seeing most?

Tristan: Phwoar... tough question haha. I’m going to say Ricky Cooper as he’s the boss! Internationals-wise, Nicole Moudaber and Art Department. Also can’t wait to see Giorgia Angiuli at the Rio Rooftop on the 23rd of Feb.

RR: You've played a tonne of big nights and festivals. What would you say your most memorable set has been?

Tristan: Another tough one haha! Lost Paradise was special and my last set at Return to Rio was amazing, so electrifying! Saying that, warming up for Carl Cox for T1000 a few years back will be hard to beat. Buuut - if I have to choose - warming up for Jackmaster at The Greenwood last year and playing back-to-back with Ricky Cooper for Days Like This were the most fun I’ve had!

RR: Ok, if you could pick any DJ to share the 1s and 2s with, who would it be?

Tristan: Carl Cox - he is just a pure entertainer and full of energy.

RR: Last year, you launched a concept called ANDfriends. Can you tell us the idea behind it?

Tristan: The idea behind it was to create a gateway for new talent and the unsung artists who struggled to get gigs on the main scene. Stuart Hunter of Motif for example was someone with raw talent that the Sydney scene hadn’t had the chance to see in action and they really needed to, and look at him now - one of the finest up and coming talents in Australia. When I started out, I was fortunate enough to have the backing of Wade Cawood of Finely Tuned and Paul Strange, so it was my way of giving a little bit back to the industry that has been so kind to me over the years.

RR: You've released a couple of banging remixes on Ibiza label, Chronovision. Can we expect any more tunes from you soon?

Tristan: Yep! I’ve just upgraded my home studio recently, with some serious encouragement from my amazing girlfriend. I’ve got 10-15 tracks at 75% completion, so I’m locking myself away soon to get my original tracks out. I’m pretty excited about it and can’t wait to show everyone what really goes on in my head musically haha. Along with my own project I’m also working with my best mate Tom Barlow who is unbelievably talented. He’s had tracks signed to Renaissance, UFO records and Trojan in the past. Exciting times ahead!

RR: Sounds great! Finally, what else can we expect from you in the future? Will the Tristan Case show be making its triumphant return to Bondi Radio?

Tristan: Plenty more of the same I hope. I’ve been so graced with opportunity over the years and in 2018 I’m hoping to take it to the next level. I will be back on the radio after the summer season calms down a bit - Hodgie and the team at the station are going to phenomenal lengths to provide high quality programming and content. I’ve been chatting about my grand return, which will happen soon.

RR: Looking forward to it mate, thanks for the chat!