WADE on keeping club culture alive

WADE on keeping club culture alive

Before his performance at this Friday's WeLove event at the Burdekin, we caught up with the in-demand Spanish producer about his upcoming EP, recent events in Georgia and more...

RR: Wade, welcome back to Sydney. You were here a couple of years ago for the VIVID boat cruise, what memories do you have of that trip?

Wade: I'm really happy to be back in Sydney. The first time was for that awesome boat cruise where I felt like I was on an Ibiza boat party! The promoters (Summit DJs - RR) were very good people as well.

RR: Great to hear! We gather you grew up in a small town in Spain where flamenco was the dominant style of music. Did that influence you? And how would you describe your sound in your own words?

Wade: Yes, it's a little town where there is a lot of flamenco in the street, which helped me to understand the importance of rhythm in my tracks. The groove in all my music is very influenced by this style, along with my passion for hip-hop.

RR: We're looking forward to your new EP 'Hardpop' coming out on the 18th of May. Can you tell us how you chose the title of the track?

Wade: The title is a tribute to the Mexican club Hardpop, located in Ciudad Juárez. The first time I played there was one of the best gigs of my career, so this track is to say thank you to everyone who supported me there.

RR: The EP also features the funky 'Boyz n the Hood' and a Camelphat remix of the track. What was the concept behind that one?

Wade: It's more of a trap house track. A friend of mine did some vocals and I realised they would go well with a tech house groove. Very happy to have Camelphat do the remix - one of the hottest duos in the game.

RR: You've released on many other labels including Suara, Relief, Moan Recordings and Lost Records. Having seen these creative environments operate, what do you think are the key ingredients to the success of a label?

Wade: It's important for the label to create a style and work with the artists on-board. I love all the labels I have worked with... all of them are like family to me.

RR: For all the DJs and producers starting out - tell us how you stay motivated and continually push yourself to excel as an artist?

Wade: Nowadays there are so many artists and it's difficult to be original with each track. It's important to stay true to your style, work a lot in the studio to try to be the best and never lose your humility.

RR: Now we hear you have quite the record collection. What are your thoughts on the ongoing vinyl vs digital debate? Do you have a preference?

Wade: I have released some vinyl tracks, but it's much easier to work digitally. Most DJs work with wav and mp3 files, Traktor or Rekordbox... so I will stick with digital for now.

RR: Now - you will have heard about the unfortunate events in Georgia where the police raided nightclubs recently and in Sydney, we have the Lockout Laws which continue to damage our nightlife. It seems as though club culture is under attack in many places in the world - why do you think that is? And what do you think we should be doing about it?

Wade: It's a shame how the police raided those places. We are free to do whatever we want and no one should close nightclubs without good reason. We must join together and try our best to keep club culture alive around the world.

RR: We're with you on that. Ok, looking back over your career what is the most memorable set you've ever played?

Wade: It would be my all night long set in Hardpop in Juarez, Mexico last December. Only thing I can say is WOW! By far the best event of my career and one of the dopest clubs in the world.

RR: Nice. Finally, what do you have planned for the rest of the year?

Wade: I will be playing around the world but have a busy European summer ahead - DJing at Amnesia, Ibiza with Elrow, Fabrik Madrid, Hï Ibiza with Eric Prydz and a party with Solardo.

RR: Very exciting! Thanks for the chat Wade.

Wade: Thanks for the interview, I hope to have a great Australian tour.

Catch Wade at WeLove #148 on Friday. Details and tickets here