Wild Fox @ Elrow Sydney

Wild Fox @ Elrow Sydney

After a spell-binding set at Elrow last weekend, we caught up with Jessie Wallace aka Wild Fox to discuss her music and the direction her Compass is pointing her in...

RR: Thanks for chatting with us Wild Fox. Congratulations on your performance at **[Elrow](https://www.facebook.com/elrowofficial/)! How was the experience of playing at such an awesome party?**

Wild Fox: Leading up to Elrow I found planning my track selection was tricky. Learning to stay true to myself as my sound is generally deeper, whilst playing to the tech house music policy was the biggest learning curve I've experienced as an artist. Then getting up there, taking risks with my tracks and messing around with my breakdowns to take people on a trippy journey whilst they entered the room... it made me realise that this is all I want to do with the rest of my life. This music lifestyle is 110% worth all the pain, sweat & tears.

RR: You cover such a wide range of genres within your music, how would you describe your sound?

Wild Fox: I believe it's important to educate people with your sound - keep them guessing as to what’s coming next, take them on a journey and build the set. My sound is a combination of deep, dark, progressive, techno. There are so many chin-stroking genre titles out there it's hard to put a title on it haha!

RR: What was the inspiration behind your name “Wild Fox”?

Wild Fox: As a young girl I always loved foxes, they are cheeky little characters with a crazy laugh, same as myself. The wild part comes from my inner self as I run at 110 miles per hour in all aspects of life - from a business perspective, I can party like a wild animal, and when it comes to my goals I'll never back down from the hunt like a hungry Fox. It's the balance of the two.

RR: You had a pretty hectic New Year’s Eve, playing 5 different venues over 48hrs! How was that? Did you change your style at all for each venue?

Wild Fox: Yeah I did a private party in Manly, Secret Island party Manly, Ivy Pool, Space Ibiza and WeLove at the Bridge Hotel. All the sets were totally different - as an artist, you need to consider who's attending, what we are celebrating, set times... no two events are the same. I always want my sets to be totally different... as someone who looked up to the locals for so long, I know who always made the effort to be different and showed their dedication to the study. Those artists are the ones who shaped who I am today - now it's time to pay it forward.

RR: You’ve been playing in Sydney for a while now, how do you think the house and techno scene has developed?

Wild Fox: Sydney is my home. It was tradition to turn 18, book a penthouse in Kings Cross with all your friends, go on a bender, club hop all weekend and have at least 15 stamps easily in one night on your arm. Since the lockouts, my friends have lost everything they have ever worked for which is really heartbreaking. I believe now is a transition time for the city where only the people who are quick to adapt and change, who can think outside the box and promote music hand in hand with an experience will flourish. Dance culture has always been a fighting resistance when it comes to change and social policies, so our community is thriving more than ever before, but that is no reason to forget that the rest of our world outside our micro-universe has been deeply affected. No matter what genre you come from we need to look at the bigger picture and to support each other. Let's Keep Sydney Open!

RR: Definitely! Aside from your career as a DJ, you also co-founded Compass Events with your boyfriend and fellow DJ Nine One - tell us how that started.

Wild Fox: I've spent 9 years working for promoters and now studying a Bachelor of Entertainment Business at the Australian Institute of Music - so naturally it's important to put what you have learnt into practice so that it sticks.

RR: So what can we expect from Compass Events in 2018?

Wild Fox: We’re having a break over the summer to focus on our own gigs but Compass will return mid-year in the cool season. We’ll throw a party once a month with progressive & techno roots and every second party we are currently on the hunt for DJs to showcase who have an interesting sound that is unique, different, weird and interesting. There are so many genres of electronic music out there and at Compass, we are open to all directions. As long as people can show us that it makes sense musically and we can script it out with set times to fit with other artists - we want you or someone you know to show us your style!

RR: Ok, what’s one track you like to play that always goes off?

Wild Fox: Oh, that one I might keep a secret haha! I like to treat my playlists like my diary. Fair game if people Shazam tracks these days but I like to keep my poker cards close to my chest.

RR: And who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

Wild Fox: A hard question! Like you said, my music taste is quite broad, but Maceo Plex, Tale of Us, Nina Kraviz, Recondite, Mind Against, Deborah De Luca, Bicep, Patrice Baumel, Maribu State, Bonobo, Guy J, Oliver Schories, Jody Wisternoff, Lane 8, Nora En Pure... to name a few.

RR: Finally… what’s next for Wild Fox that we can look forward to?

Wild Fox: Coming up with international headliners, I have a day party with Alex Stein, Tell No Tales and Marco Polo with Miguel Campbell. You can check out all my gigs listed in the event section of my facebook.

RR: Sweet! Thanks for the chat!

You can revisit Wild Fox’s set from Elrow here