Zankee Gulati: Bootz ‘N’ Catz

Zankee Gulati: Bootz ‘N’ Catz

We sat down with the Bootz ‘N’ Catz co-owner for a quick chat about Sydney’s underground music scene and his upcoming gig with Finnish DJ/Producer, Yotto

RR: Zankee, you’ve been doing parties in Sydney for a while now. Talk us through your journey as a promoter.

Zankee: Well, I moved to Sydney 2 years ago. Myself and Simon (Lovell) are originally from Tasmania and we’d been doing parties there, but we wanted to do something different in Sydney - more progressive and deep house. There is a lot of tech house here but we wanted to go deep! That’s why we created Bootz ‘N’ Catz.

RR: You started with Max Graham last year. How have things progressed since then?

Zankee: We had a phenomenal response to the Max Graham party, then we did Vintage & Morelli on a boat which brought out a different crowd. Everyone was there for the music and for the artist. It was a completely different vibe and that’s what we’re searching for.

RR: We were there for your Lane 8 gig – “It never happened”. Phones were banned from being used. Where did that idea come from??

Zankee: Haha it was his concept! Lane 8 wanted to take everyone back to the old days, where everyone is in it together, in the moment. The gig went on for 6, maybe 7 hours and only 2 people took out their phones. Everyone was in it.

RR: It was definitely a memorable night. How is your own DJing going? Any advice for people trying to break into the scene?

Zankee: Well, I’ve been here for 2 years. It was a struggle at first, but I’ve just signed an EP with Particles Records, which is one of my favourite labels. If you’re a newcomer to Sydney, I would say just be patient. If you know your sound and you feel good about what you’re doing, then keep networking and people will recognise you. There are good promoters in this city, it’s not about who you know. People are always searching for fresh talent.


RR: Congrats on the EP, we’ll make sure to check it out. How would you describe your own music style?

Zankee: I don’t think I’ve found my sound yet to be honest, I’m still searching! I like to keep people guessing with my sets, usually something that people can get lost in.

RR: So Yotto is this Friday, it’s going to be a big gig. What do you think we can expect from him?

Zankee: It’s going to be incredible. Tickets sold out in 2 weeks! The Anjuna family is massive here. It’s going to be like Lane 8 where everyone is in it for the music. We’ve had our eye on Yotto for a long time and we’re really pleased to finally bring him to Australia.

RR: We’re very pleased you did too mate, see you there!